Do You Need to Spring Clean Your Job Search?

job search

The sounds of spring and pollen and EVERYWHERE. That means it’s time to reevaluate what you’ve been doing with your job search and prune back what’s no longer working. You want to nurture the strategies and tactics that are effective and give them the most attention. Which of your job search strategies need to be purged? Let’s take a look.

Tidy up Your Techniques

Are you unhappy with your job search? Do you keep doing the same thing, but want something different? Evaluate your technique. Do you respond immediately to recruiters when they reach out? Let’s analyze your job search habits and figure out which ones are working and clean up the ones that aren’t.

Revamp Your Resume

The biggest mistake is not customizing your resume and online profile every time you look for positions. Not updating a resume to the types of positions you are looking for, causes you to miss out on the opportunity to stand out to recruiters and account managers. Thus, you get lost in the shuffle and moved to the bottom of the algorithm.

Use a Pro

Staffing agencies DO NOT cost you anything! So many people today call cleaning companies to do spring cleaning at their houses. Consider calling your :hire team and aim:hire for your career.

Clean up Your social media

Staffing agencies are good at doing their homework – have you done yours? Account managers and staffing coordinators research potential candidates. You don’t want them to find social media accounts that reflect negatively on you and keep you from getting an interview. Springtime is the perfect time to clean it up.

Connect for Skilled Positions

If you’ve had your eye on a skilled position, but don’t know of a company hiring, or don’t want to wait weeks to go through the hiring process, partner with :hire. We have positions for you to start today. If we don’t have the shift you want, we’ll probably have one by the end of the week. Get to work now – connect with a team that will find you in the perfect position to develop your craft.

Spruce up Your Interview Strategies

Whether you do your interview over the phone or come into the office, your job interview is your chance to put your best foot forward.

Be sure to set up your call or time to come to the office when you can be at your best.

Polish Your Pitch

Rehearse your 60-second pitch for yourself. It should quickly draw attention to your skillset and what sets you apart from other candidates.

Evaluate your pitch and make sure it makes sense for the positions you’re applying for. If you were hiring, would you hire yourself after listening to your pitch? If not, spend some time updating your pitch.

Get on Track

It might take a little more time upfront, but it will take the time from inquiry to starting your new job shorter. We’ve created a system that gets you interviewed today and start your new job tomorrow. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Finding a job that fits your schedule, location, and pay rate can be difficult and exhaustive. :hire is here for you. Take time to refresh, recover, and refocus your search with the :hire team.

Make a Fresh Job Search start with :hire – Our People. Your Solution.

If you’re ready to change jobs, change careers or increase your flexibility, hire can help you make a fresh start in your career this spring. With offices in Central and Southern Ohio, we offer a wide range of temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire opportunities to make a change. Contact the :hire office in your area to find out more about great, local job opportunities.