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Sometimes, things are born out of necessity. In the case of :hire, this is certainly true. The founder, Larry Kidd, owned several businesses across Ohio. He had a tough time finding just the right talent for his companies, in spite of working with well-regarded staffing firms. So he took matters into his own hands - he started a talent solutions company of his own, based on his own rigorous needs and standards. He figured if it would work for him, why not other companies like his?

So when it comes down to attracting, selecting and engaging the best people available for your business, there is a talent solutions partner that can deliver the candidates that fit both your culture and have the skills and experience you need.

A partner that understands your business, is fast and responsive, attentive to your needs, and gets the job done. A partner that knows your challenges because they have been in your shoes. A partner that has a history of long term successful relationships. A partner that is flexible and easy to work with.

Since 2006 :hire has worked to find just the right talent for businesses, and has had a knack for locating that “needle in a haystack” candidate. You can rely on :hire to enrich your company with great people.

We’re here to exceed your expectations. We want to tailor our solutions to meet your exact needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.
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